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Below are the standard terms and conditions of Brightswap.com, a trading name of Electrade 247 Ltd. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before submitting your sell order on our website. On the customer registration page you will need to tick the box indicating that you accept these Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions you will not be able to place a sell order on our website.


"Device" is referred to as any electronic product that Electrade 247 Limited is willing to purchase. This includes, Mobile Phones and Tablets

"Phone" is referred to as a device that can make and receive calls

"We, Us, Our" refers to Electrade 247 Limited

"You, Your" refers to the person, individual or company selling the device to Electrade 247 Limited

"Working" is a device that is fully functional as per the design of the manufacturer. If it is a phone, it can make and receive a call, compose and receive a text message and the sound is audible. All physical features including buttons, LCD screens, LED's are intact and functioning as per the manufacturers original specification.

"Non-Working" is a device that cannot be classified as "Working"

"Consumer, Personal, Individual" is you, the person placing the order or the person you are placing the order on behalf of
"Business, Company" is the organisation you are placing an order on behalf of.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, "Consumer" means an individual who neither makes this contract in the course of a business, nor holds himself out as doing so, as defined by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. You may cancel the contract with us at any time up to the time when you send us the phone ("cooling- off period"), providing:

  • The contract was negotiated and concluded exclusively by means of distance communication (including, but not limited to, telephone, letter, fax or email); and
  • You are a natural person acting outside the purposes of any business.
When cancelling during the cooling-off period, you need not give us any reason for cancelling the contract, nor will you have to pay any administration charges.

To cancel the contract you must notify us in writing.

Other than if the phone does not meet our terms and conditions (see definitions of 'Working' and 'Non-Working' below), this contract cannot be cancelled after you have sent your phone(s) to us (outside of the "cooling-off period"). If you request to have your device returned to you outside the "cooling-off period" then you accept to pay 6.00 for Royal Mail Special Delivery postage cost.


By placing an order through our site, you warrant that:
  • You are resident in Great Britain or Northern Ireland; and
  • You are accessing our site from that country; and
  • You are legally capable of entering into a binding contract; and
  • You are at least 18 years old; or
  • If you are under 18 years of age, that you have obtained your parent's or guardian's consent to sell your goods to us for the sum indicated via our website and you and your parents or guardians release us of any liabilities or claims that may arise if you send the goods to us in breach of this warranty.
If you deal as a consumer any provision of this contract which is of no effect to a consumer shall not apply. Your statutory rights are not affected by this contract.


By placing an order through our site, you warrant that:
  • You are authorised to act on behalf of the registered business; and
  • You are based in Great Britain or Northern Ireland; and
  • You are accessing our site from that country; and
  • You are legally capable of entering into a binding contract.

Each mobile phone sold should match the make and model in the sale order and meet the following conditions:


  • The device must switch on and off must make and receive phone calls
  • The device must not have any security or pin codes
  • The device must be complete with all batteries, covers and bodywork
  • The body work should not be "separated" from the main body of the device in any way
  • The integral body work should have no cracked, missing plastics / metal and there should be no missing buttons and must not be crushed or broken in half
  • The LCD must be working and power up correctly and fully beyond the network 'Welcome Message'
  • The device must not have any major wear and tear or major scratches
  • The screen must be intact with no cracks
  • The LCD must have no lines or missing pixels
  • The device should not have liquid damage
  • A white screen does not constitute a working device
  • If the device has a touch screen the touch screen must be fully functional
  • The battery must be included and hold charge
  • The device must have no faults to be paid the "Working Price"
  • Apple iPhones must be of UK origin and not have been "jailbroken" or unlocked and have no pin codes
  • The back housing must be intact and not cracked
  • The mobile phone must not be registered as lost, stolen or barred (for any reason including non-payment) on any worldwide network, phones will be checked with all UK Mobile Networks Stolen Phones Database

A "Non-Working" device is one that meets any one or more of the below criteria:
  • Broken or snapped in two parts
  • Is crushed in anyway
  • Does not power on
  • Is water damaged
  • Contains water contamination but still works
  • Any water indicator have been triggered
  • Has broken or cracked housing
  • Has a broken LCD
  • Doesn't charge
  • Doesn't vibrate
  • Volume, mute, home, on, off, call, keypad and any other buttons do not work
  • Software crashes or hangs when turned on
  • If the device is found to be defective or doesn't operate as manufactured to, then this is "Non-Working
  • The mobile phone must not be registered as lost, stolen or barred (for any reason including non-payment) on any worldwide network, phones will be checked with all UK Mobile Networks Stolen Phones Database

All devices are tested in full for any defects. We will check the device against the criteria set out in above under the headings of 'Working' and 'Non- Working'
  • If the device meets any of the criteria detailed under the header 'Non- Working' then you will receive a revised offer unless the device was sent in as "Non-Working".
  • If the device contains significant wear and tear you will receive a revised price.
  • Testing for wear and tear is subjective however we have a set guidelines our inspection team adhere to during the inspection process.
  • All data on the actual device excluding memory cards will be removed, We accept no liability if this data is viewed or accessed.
  • Tests are carried out prior to payment and are the condition of any payment.
  • We may decide to carry out additional tests and checks if required.
By submitting an order through Electrade 247 Limited you warrant that your device complies with the above Terms and Conditions. If a device fails to meet our Terms and Conditions we'll send you an adjusted price by email. If you choose to decline our new offer, we will happily return the device to you by 1st class post or via Royal Mail Special Delivery at your cost. Electrade 247 Limitedhave the final decision on all phone values. If you do not reply to our proposed offer email within 5 days, we will automatically process adjusted orders for payment.

Please note
  • We accept memory cards. However, these do not increase the value of your order.
  • It is your responsibility to cancel any airtime contract linked to each handset. Electrade 247 Limited is not responsible for any call costs arising before, or after, receipt of your handset, or arising from any other circumstances whatsoever.
  • Remove your SIM card before sending your mobile phone to us. Electrade 247 Limitedaccept no liability in the event that a SIM card is sent with a phone and any subsequent charges are incurred. You shall continue to be responsible for such charges. SIM cards received by us cannot be returned.
  • By sending your phone to Electrade 247 Limited, you agree to release us from all claims, losses or damages with respect to the phone, any data stored or contained therein or on any media used in conjunction with the phone (whether in the form of personal details, SMS, photos, games, songs or other data ("Data"). Electrade 247 Limited accept no responsibility in relation to the protection, confidentiality, security, or use of such data and it is your responsibility to ensure that such data is removed from the phone before sending it to us.

When your order has been placed, the prices quoted are guaranteed for 10 days from the 'Order Confirmed' date. (This is the date on which you received an 'Order Confirmed' email from us.) If your phones are received after 10 days from the 'Order Confirmed' date, the up-dated, current prices on the website shall apply.


We pay for the postage of your phone(s) to us by providing a Freepost bag. We do not accept responsibility for non-delivery of phones or damage in transit.

We therefore recommend that you send any high value units via registered post to ensure successful delivery.
Registered deliveries should be sent to our headquarters:

Unit 2
Watford Metro Centre
Dwight Road
WD18 9SS

Postal Damage and Loss

You agree to release Electrade 247 Limited of all claims arising from loss of, or damage to goods in transit.

Blocked, registered Lost, Fake or Stolen Mobile phones and devices

Electrade 247 Limited support and adhere to the code of practice set by the Home Office and the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit.

We will check the IMEI/Serial number of all mobile phones and devices received by us against a National Stolen Phones database in operated which includes information from all UK Mobile Network Operators to ensure we do not purchase registered lost/stolen or blocked mobile phones.

All blocked mobile phones will be quarantined for 28 days and the seller notified by email.

If you are informed that your mobile phone or device is blocked, you will be required to email us at atyourservice@brightswap.com providing proof of ownership, and have the mobile phone or device unblocked within the 28 day quarantine period.

If during the quarantine period the mobile phone or device is unblocked on the national database of stolen phones, Electrade 247 Limited will process your sale as normal. If the block has not been removed within the 28 day period, then we are required by law to dispose of the mobile phone or device and you will not receive any payment.

UK legislation states that Electrade 247 Limited cannot under any circumstances return or pay for blocked mobile phones or devices unless the block has been removed.

Electrade 247 Limited reserve the right to withhold or cancel payments related to blocked phones.

Counterfeit phones are referred to as Fake phones. These are manufactured to resemble phones and devices made by other companies, which hold all rights to the phone or device being copied.

Bank Transfer Payments

Electrade 247 Limited will make payments by BACs to the bank account details supplied by you to us in the 'Payment' section.

It is your responsibility to enter the correct bank details. If you enter the wrong bank details, and Electrade 247 Limited make payment to the incorrect bank details, supplied by you in the 'Payment section' you agree to release Electrade 247 Limited from all claims.
We cannot, under any circumstances, recall or re-issue bank transfer payments once they have been made.

Events outside our control

We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under a contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control or due to our compliance with any applicable laws or regulations.

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